Two Babes Tweakin At The Knees!


Sandy and Cristina Bella

10. 11, 2007

Two Babes Tweakin At The Knees!

All star performance by Sandy and Christina Bella as these gorgeous honeys get overloaded with each others desires! One blonde and one black haired. Mmmm imagine being sandwiched between these two lovelies as they swat each others coochies with fingers , velvet tongues and your penis! I would have them slapping me left and right to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Not that I wouldn't' enjoy the dream, I just might never wake up if it were a dream! On the other hand, I may never leave the house if it were happening in real life. Some pretty rockin HD shots of these pop tarts bent over with their love mittens gleaming at you and glass dildos protruding--Oh to be in that dildos shoes! Christina is quite skilled at using the dildo in her mouth to fuck Sandy's hot steaming twat too! Sure to inspire a couple of hot gooey loads!


Sandy - Pigtails and skirt for a good spurt
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Sandy and Cristina Bella - Two Babes Tweakin At The Knees!
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Sandy - Animal imprints inspire wild desire
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Sandy - dildo-rific studio sessions!
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Cristina Bellaの最新セット(

Sandy and Cristina Bella - Wanton lovers of the lezzie creed!
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